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Project Description
The logwiz.exe is an easy to use step-by-step wizard that helps in creating Performance monitor logs on a Windows Systems.
This tool is used to automate the process of collecting Performance monitoring data using logman.exe on Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2

System Requirements
Atleast .NET Framework 3.0
Administrator rights on the machine from where were are running the logs and also on the target machine.
Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows Server 2008/Windows 2008R2.
Though not fully tested but the tool also works on XP and Windows 2003.

Update 16.April.2010
- Default to Standard Perfmon instead of Advanced Configuration.
- When selecting Advanced Configuration, the Standard performance objects are now checked by default.
- Cannot manually entered sample interval of 0 and fixed unhandled exceptions while selecting the sample to be in many days interval.

New features added since the last release -
1. Removed minor bugs with the wizard interface.
2. Added the following performance objects to the Standard Perfmon selection.
“Cache” - We work many system cache cases and counters like Data Map Hits % can be very useful for determining how well the system cache is keeping load off the disks.
“Objects” – Very useful for keeping track of the total number of processes and will also reveal thread leaks (Thre pool tag) that cannot be mapped back to a specific process using Process performance objects. Can also be used to observe Event, Mutex, etc. leaks.
3. Added new options to the “Performance data collection type” screen.
High CPU - Includes Standard + “Thread”
Remote Desktop Services - Includes Standard + counters related to terminal services.
Network – Includes Standard + IP/TCP/ICMP/UDP counters.
4. Option to override and enter a manual sample interval.
5. Name of the log file now contains the date and time of the file creation.
6. Tool tips for showing the complete names of the Performance objects.

How does it work
Using Logwiz.exe is very simple.
1. Start the application.
2. Select the kind of capture you want to do.
3. Configure the options for the perf log file and the location.
4. Select the issue frequency to get an appropriate snapshot interval. (We are gathering 500 samples in the logs)
5. Select the objects to monitored.
6. Click on Start to create the log and Finish to Start the data collection.
Note- If you select the General option, then we create a Perfmon log containg the base OS counters - Logical Disk, Memory,Network Interface,NBT Connections,Objects,Paging File,Physical Disk,Process,Processor,Redirector,Server, System. Its creates a binary circular file of 500MB size located in C:\Perflogs with sample interval is 15 seconds.

The logfile created is in named with the logwizdatetime.

Starting up the Logwiz.exe

Select the machine to monitor

Select the kind of data collection you need

Select the log file attributes or leave them to the default

Select the sample interval depending on issue frequency (We are logging 600 samples)
You can override the default interval

Select the objects you want to monitor and continue with the wizard. And we have our Perfmon data collector up and running!!!

Start the logging.........


Check the Perfmon logs in Performance monitor

Thanks for visiting the site and using the tool.
Please share your feedback and recommendations regarding the tool.

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